New Choices in Window Coverings from Clear Choice Windows and More

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I wanted to let you know about some exciting new products we are offering for the protection of your home and family. While your best protection comes from the PGT PremierVue windows we recommend, these fine products are not right for everyone. So we have searched and evaluated some additional products to add to what we offer. We think we’ve found some winners.We have two products from the Hurricane Fabric company in Delray Beach. Since they are practically neighbors, they know what Floridians are up against with hurricanes and tropical...

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Buying an Older Home? Consider the Windows

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There are some people who like everything new. They get a new car every few years, and whenever they move, it’s always into some brand new building or home. That’s fine for them – but some people like homes with a little history. Like a comfortable suit, they’ve been lived in. They have history. They’ve housed many a family in their days. Many older homes also have interesting character. They may be more individual than homes built by the hundreds in the suburbs. They may boast architectural detail, like crown moldings, ornate...

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Success is About Integrity

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Different people take all kinds of different roads to success. For us, there has ever only been one road and that’s the one traveled with integrity. If you've been a homeowner for awhile, you've needed repairs. You may have noticed that the home improvement industry is peppered with honest workmen and not-so-honest workmen. There are true craftsmen who take pride in their products and those who just get by. If you’re unlucky, your vendor is long gone when you need a warranty repair, if you even got a warranty.When my brother and I founded...

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When You Need to Replace Windows

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I admit, the topic of this blog post may not really apply to everyone. After all, many people who are in the market for hurricane replacement windows aren’t doing so because their old windows are worn out. It’s because those homeowners want to protect their homes from severe weather or intrusion, and reduce their utility costs.But certainly, some people really must look into replacing windows because their old windows are worn out. Windows do have an expected life. For most types and brands, it’s 25 to 50 years. That’s a pretty big...

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The Many Reasons to Replace Windows

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There are many reasons that homeowners start thinking about replacement windows. Behind some of these reasons lie financial considerations. There may be current financial losses, potential losses or future financial advantages to getting replacement windows.The biggest one is that a home is aging and the windows no longer function properly or they do not keep out wind, temperature changes or water. There are two types of financial losses that can occur here. You can pay more for heating and air conditioning because of the air leaks (not to...

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I Tell My Staff: “It’s the Little Things.”

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I’m a pretty hands-on manager as is my brother. It’s the way we agreed to run this business when we first started out. So we are both in contact with our installers, office staff, warehouse staff – everyone – frequently. One of the points I make with these staff in training sessions and whenever we meet is that the little things make a big difference.  I know this is true because I hear about it in the testimonial letters we get from people who have purchased hurricane windows from us. I don’t ask for these testimonials, they just...

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You’ve Got to be Willing to Spend the Time

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I would be willing to bet that people who have never bought hurricane windows from us have no idea how much care we put in before a sale ever takes place. And I am sure that many of our competitors would be shocked. I know this because sometimes after I spend time with a prospective customer, explaining our replacement window and door products, showing them samples and answering their questions, they say things like, “Boy, that other company never took the time to let me ask questions like you do.” This is just the way I do business. I...

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We Work Hard to Keep Our Customers Happy – VERY Happy

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From time to time, I take a look around the internet to see what people might be saying about us. From what I hear and read, it’s a smart thing to do to know if someone has gotten mad at you and is making himself known online. So I do a search occasionally.I am really happy to say that all the hard work we put into providing excellent customer service has paid off. Today, I could not find a single negative review for Clear Choice Windows and More. (Yeah, there’s one bad report for a company with a similar name in another state. Not much I...

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Common Misconceptions about Storm Protection

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When it comes to protecting one’s home against storm damage, I find that there are many misconceptions surrounding this subject. So when I’m talking to someone about replacement windows or even when I’m talking to them socially, I have to correct these misconceptions just to help people stay safe. Here’s what I’m talking about: Hurricane “film” on your windows is just as good as replacement windows. Putting protective film on your windows does strengthen them somewhat. But you have to look at what the major manufacturer says...

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It’s Winter in Florida – Was it Really Useful to Get those Replacement Windows?

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So we got through the hurricane season pretty unscathed this year. Despite the weeks of rain, we didn’t have much in the way of tropical storm activity. So you got replacement windows and now it’s winter. Is their usefulness over until next summer? Not at all. Remember 2010, the coldest Florida winter in three decades. There were plenty of freezing and even below-freezing nights. It’s all up to the jet stream and how far south it dips.  I saw a lot of comments in the last week about how freezing the whole country was – except for...

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